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AP&T Approves QUINTILUBRIC For Press Hardening

AP&T Approves QUINTILUBRIC For Press Hardening

AP&T has now given the green light to use a synthetic fire resistant hydraulic oil for hot environments in AP&T's press hardening lines.

Quaker produced the fire resistant hydraulic oil. It has been tested in AP&T's press hardening lines for quite some time in order to determine how it impacts hydraulic components and gaskets. The results are very positive.

"The oil works at least as well in our lines as conventional hydraulic oil, and it also has superior qualities in terms of fire safety and the environment. As a result, this is the option we recommend that our customers use," says Patrik Haglund, who is the product manager for presses at AP&T.

More information about fire resistant hydraulic oil is available on our web site and link at below;.