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QUINTENZA 46 and QUINTENZA 68 is HFD-U type fire resistant hydraulic fluid and designed to be used hydraulic systems.

Field of Application:
Iron and Steel Industry
Non-Ferrous Industry

QUINTENZA 46 and QUINTENZA 68 are the ester based products. In the opposition to mineral based hydraulic oils, QUINTENZA 46 and QUINTENZA 68 ensure high level fire resistance. Anternatively to mineral based hydraulic oils, QUINTENZA has lower water pollution classification. Due to biologically resolution, it can be used in the ecologicaly sensitive places. It has long lifetime and can be worked in the difficult conditions with rare refreshments.

QUINTENZA 46 ve QUINTENZA 68, used as received. It is filtered during the production so it doesn’t need to be filtered. High viscosity index and low pour point let it to work in the wide temperature range.


• Excellent resistance to inflammation
• Compensates price and quality
• Excellent lubrication
• Long lifetime
• Lower water toxicity
• Water polution classification (WEC) = 1
• Biologically resolution > %90 CEC L-33-T-82
• Doesn’t cause skin irritation
• Excellent corrosion protection
• Compatible with standart sealing components
• Due to lower density, it saves more energy than other other HFDU type products.