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QUINTOLUBRIC 818-02 is a water based and high perfrmonce HFA-S type hydraulic fluid which is developed for “Longwall Shield”.

Application Area:
Mining Industry

Standart concantration range is advised as %1,5-2,5.

QUINTOLUBRIC 818-02 can be used water with diffrent hardness. Recommended maximum water hardness is 40 dH. Usage concantration changes according to process water and application. Unlike traditional HFA-E fluids it doesnt contain mineral oils or similar forms.


  • Doesnt coantain mineral oils.
  • No skin irritation on recommended concantration.
  • Excellent stability with diffrent water types.
  • Exellcent protection against corrosion.
  • Prevents bacteria and fungus formation
  • Excellent filtration properties
  • Compatibility with standart sealing agents.