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QUAKERCLEAN 8600 FF has been specifically designed for cleaning purposes for aqueous solutions of machining & grinding products in central systems, single machines, premix tanks, etc. QUAKERCLEAN 8600 FF is formulated upon containing specific tensio-actives, wetting agents & detergents, and it includes also a high effective bactericide-fungicide package.

Concentration Range:
Depending on the difficulty of operation: %0.2-5


  • Highly effective removal of biological debris being accumulated in pipes and reservoirs
  • Complete disinfecting of the systems where it is applied
  • Safe refilling of the systems after their cleaning, enhancing emulsion cycle-life
  • Can be used directly in working emulsions, thus reducing waste disposals
  • Does not attack tooling and it will provide short-term corrosion prevention
  • The periodic use of QUAKERCLEAN 8600 FF provides longer bath life by assuring proper disinfecting which avoids self biological contamination of the systems.