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Produced from high quality base oils , anti-corrosion and anti-foam additives.Required for smooth material surfaces.Can easily wander from collant liquids at cooling systems and keeps corrosion at minimum that high PH coolants makes on surfaces .

Application Areas:
POTENZA SLIDEWAY OIL 68 can be used both at slideways and hydraulic systems of machines working under normal cirsumstances.It is suitable for all kinds of cast iron , steel and non-ferro slideways.Can be applied with hand or through centralized lubrication system.
Extreme pressure properties makes it usable for all kinds of machine gears.It shouldnt be used at centralized lubrication systems working over 66°C.

  • POTENZA SLIDEWAY OIL 68 is very suitable for small an medium machines with horizontal slideways.Also suitablefor largemachines with centralized lubrication systems.
  • Keeps slideways working vibrationless and voiceless Improves surface and production quality
  • Reduces wear and provides efficient slideway movement
  • Protects surfaces from high PH cololants effects
  • Improves performance Improves life span of cooling liquid Improves life span of lubricant
  • Keeps slideway surfaces and other lubricated parts clean
  • Extends filter change periods
  • Reduces maintanace costs
  • Compability with iron and non-ferro metals