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FERROCOTE 5856 BF-T1 is corrosion inhibiting oil used at both processing and finalizing of industrial applications.Used as mid-term corrosion inhibitör.Products thin film layer creates a mild greasy layer on material surfaces.It contains steam corrosion inhibitors and developed for long term storage of bearings and mechanical parts.

Recommended Concentration Range for :
Used as recieved


  • Does not contain Barium and derivatives
  • Provides safer working environment due to solvent bases high flashing point.
  • Doesnt leave adhesive residues on moving parts.
  • Excellent lubrication
  • Compatiable with mot of maintainance products , therefore there is no need for cleaning of moving parts (bearings) before setup.
  • Can be cleaned with low alcaline cleaning chemicals and solvents.
  • Removes fingerprints on applied parts.
  • Approved by FORD for engine parts and power transfer protection.